Are You Planning a Kitchen Renovation?

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Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It should be attractive, stylish, comfortable, functional, and of course, personable. Renovating a kitchen can dramatically change the appeal of your home and special care should be taken when considering a kitchen renovation.

There are many factors that homeowners should be aware of before starting a complete kitchen renovation. The type and style of the cabinets, along with the countertops you choose, are certainly a big part of the project, but they are only a portion of a complete project. Kitchen remodeling involves a serious examination of cabinet space, types, and styles of new cutting-edge appliances and equipment, plumbing, lighting, electrical, flooring, and more.

We are experienced in:

Cabinet Installations, Repairs, Refacing, RefinishingInterior Trim and Decorative Moldings Installations and Repairs.

Wood or Fiber-Cement Siding Installations, Replacements, and Repairs.

Considering these factors, it is far sensible that one should seek out a qualified specialist to perform the task at hand. Committed to Excellence with the commitment to provide complete satisfaction to homeowners in Cape Town, as well as commercial clients, Sunrise Home Building Renovations Pty Ltd is the number one leader in kitchen solutions. Not only will we build the perfect kitchen that meets your dream, but we will be with you step-by-step from start to finish. We offer free kitchen design consultation and we will help you with the coordination of every aspect of your renovation project.

Our promise is to deliver creative kitchen designs that meet or exceed your expectations because we believe that your project is as unique as you are.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are proud experts in kitchen renovations since 2013 and we are very well familiar with the most problems that occur with most remodelers.Avoiding such problems is at the center of our work making sure you are happy getting the quality work that you deserve. With attention to strategy explanation, we can gain customer confidence. Generally speaking, we provide clients with clear, transparent, and actionable information. For this reason, you can have a clue on how to trust our services.We always work hand in hand with our clients making sure that they love what they see and if need be corrections should be done so that you as a client are happy .

What Can Sunrise Home Building Renovations Pty Ltd Assist You With?

We will show you the selection of designs and love to see you choose your own. Other remodelers may guide you in a roundabout way, and it is very hard to figure out what is going on for your kitchen-to-be. That will never happen when you choose our experts. We always believe that our clients have a right to know the current state of their kitchen renovations. Our step-by-step process offers a chance to avoid problems. As a result, you are more confident that your kitchen will look the exact way that you expected.

Kitchen Renovations and Designs in Cape Town

Kitchen renovation is an exciting step in home ownership, allowing you to stamp your own signature on your dream home.

The kitchen should be your top priority when pursuing renovations that add value to your home.

The Cost of Renovating a Kitchen in South Africa

The cost of renovating a kitchen ranges from R10 000 to R250 000+, depending on the size of the kitchen and the extent of the renovation project.

It is important to plan your kitchen renovation by weighing the value that each individual feature – whether it be cabinets, lighting or worktops – contributes to your home against the proportion of the renovation budget it consumes.

It’s often said that kitchens sell properties. The heart of modern homes .Kitchens are no longer a place for your maid to make coffee and food , but now they’re a place for the family to cook, eat, socialise and even work.

So if you’re looking for renovations that add value to your home, the kitchen is going to be your top priority. Yes,a kitchen is an expensive room to renovate,but at the same time, this can be offset by the significant value it adds.

The average cost of kitchen renovation

Estimating the cost of kitchen renovation in Cape Town and South Africa as a whole, without having all the specific requirements, is an almost impossible task. Each project differs because the detail differs.”

Kitchen renovations can be categorised into three categories which are:

.Small kitchen remodel:

.Mid-range kitchen remodel:

High-end kitchen remodel:

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Renovating Your Kitchen on a Budget

Breaking down the cost of kitchen renovation into individual features makes it easier to budget accordingly, as you can determine where cost savings are possible.

This makes sense, as upgraded countertops can significantly improve the beauty and workability of the kitchen, without breaking the bank. There’s a wide range of materials to choose from when it comes to installing your countertops, including:

Granite. Probably the most widely used material, granting the kitchen a rich elegance, though it is quite pricey.

Wood. Otherwise known as “butcherblocks”, wooden countertops grant the home a rustic, homely feel; although they have to be cleaned often to prevent water damage.

Concrete. Can be customised to look similar to granite countertops, although also pricey, and can stain if not properly maintained

Marble. Naturally, this material grants the kitchen a royal appearance. That said, it is not commonly used, not just because of the price, but because maintaining marble countertops is difficult. Kitchen owners willing to incorporate them will certainly be awe-struck by the beauty.

Quartz. An engineered stone material that is easy to maintain and scratch resistant, though not very heat resistant. The material of choice for traditional kitchens.

Stainless steel. Durable and easy to maintain. Some kitchen owners may find it bland, while others will appreciate the clean, slick appearance.

Meanwhile, homeowners renovating on a budget generally choose to conserve funds by skipping lighting and functional hardware.

Since kitchen cupboards make up the bulk of the budget, many homeowners are tempted to work around rather than replace them.

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