Bathroom Renovations in Cape Town

bathroom renovation in cape town

Expert Bathroom Renovations

Shift from the traditional Cape Town bathroom home designs, your bathroom should be a place of comfort, relaxation and style.

Sunrise Home Building Renovations Pty LTD has the experience and industry knowledge to make your ordinary bathroom exceptional.

Offering top-quality craftsmanship bathroom renovations, you will discover the true potential of your bathroom after making the change.

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Bathroom Renovation Services In Cape Town

Are you feeling embarrassed about the state of your bathroom? Are there tiles peeling off the
walls and your bathtub chipped?

Your bathroom is one of those places where you should feel pride when guests need to use it.
You should even feel at ease and proud to use it yourself.
 Sunrise Home Building Renovations wants to give your bathroom the best makeover
possible. We offer sleek modern designs and look for new and trendy ways to incorporate old
and new.

We are experts in  tiling, installing shower frames, lighting, installing toilets, replacing bathtubs
and installing vanities. We also have our own plumbers to make the plumbing service a breeze.

Bathroom Renovations do not always need a full-on renovation, we offer services to replace and
fix up what can stay and only remove what really needs to be taken out, which will help you stay
within your budget.

Don’t hesitate to upgrade your bathroom, even if it means changing some tiles or installing a
new shower door. We are ready to make your bathroom amazing.

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Why Choose Us for Your Bathroom Renovations in Cape Town?

We are the best company in the industry when it comes to doing bathroom renovations.

Sunrise Home Building Renovations has +13 years of experience in the construction industry doing home extensions, refurbishments, alterations and renovations.

As a Cape Town based construction and renovation company,we our very familiar with our region and the environment,we recommend and only build structures that can withstand the harsh weather conditions of Cape Town and the Western Cape,you know what we are talking about if you are a Western Cape resident.

Our projects portfolio showcases our previous work and speaks for us.We have completed over 300 projects in the Western Cape and we do have contactable references for the peace of your mind.

As a Capetonian  you must be worry and  cautious when choosing a building contractor.Make sure that the building contactor has years of expertise in the type of work you want to be done and you must choose a building contractor that are very well familiar with our weather conditions.

Sunrise Home Building Renovations has been around for over a decade  and we are a Cape Town based company.

We believe in being present and communicating with our clients throughout the process of getting a quote and designing your new bathroom. This gives us constant updates on the process and how you as a client feels about our work. We proceed with the project only when you as our client is happy and gives us a go-head to do so.

We are a very accountable and reliable company, we do not rush the job or take shortcuts to finish earlier than scheduled.Working with us means getting the best quality service for your bathroom renovation in Cape Town.

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Cost of Bathroom Renovations in South Africa

The cost of bathroom renovations in South Africa is between R30 000 – R300 000.

It can even be more than R300 000, depending on the size of your bathroom and the amount of work you
want done.Explain (Mr Wellington Maworise),an experienced building construction manager and owner of Sunrise Home Building Renovations Pty Ltd.

He went on further to explain that on average, South Africans spend about R80 000 on bathroom renovations. There are a few factors that affect the price of these renovations.
These include; the materials you choose, the size of your bathroom, the labour costs, the fittings you choose and if you need any renovation permits.

Bathroom renovations can be categorised into three different brackets.

budget bathroom renovation, a standard bathroom renovation and a premium bathroom renovation.
The budget renovation costs between R30 000-R60 000. These prices will be used for smaller bathroom renovations using fittings and materials within the budget price.

The standard renovation costs are between R60 000-R120 000, these prices are for your medium-sized bathroom renovations.

The premium renovation costs are priced at R120 000 and more. This renovation category refers to luxury materials and high-end designs.

Below are all the costs you need to factor in when you want to renovate a bathroom.

The cost of tiling is per square meter, so the size of the bathroom will indicate how much labourers will charge you to tile your bathroom.
The tile cost is also per square meter, indicating how many you will need, which will be multiplied by the cost.
The price of the tiles will differ in style, type and colour.

Shower screen (Standard, Semi-Frameless, and Frameless)
Depending on the type of shower screen you want, each type has its own price. You can expect to pay for a frameless shower screen door as these use thicker glass.

Bath (Integrated or freestanding)
The type of bath you decide on will affect the price you pay. There are a variety of options to choose from, such as cast iron, fibreglass, natural stone and acrylic.
However, it is important to note that the price of the bathtub is separate from the cost of having it replaced and fitted.
On average, you can expect to pay between R2000-R20 000 for the bathtub and up to R3500 for a plumber to replace and fit it.

Plumbers work on call-out fees and charge per hour. The call-out fee is a combination of where you are located and the plumber’s expertise.

The price list for bathroom vanities is all based on their size.
A 900mm wall-hung vanity with hidden handles will cost between R2000- R4000.
A 750 mm floor-standing console vanity will cost between R3000- R6000.
A 1500 mm double bowl vanity will cost between R6000 – R20 000.
A 1200mm wall-hung vanity with an integrated ceramic basin will cost between R7000 -R20000.It is important to note that these do not include taps, fittings or installation costs.

Toilet costs can be between R1500- R7500, based on whether you want a floor-mounted hidden cistern or a wall-hung toilet.

For an average-sized bathroom, waterproofing can cost anywhere between R3000-R5000.

The type of lighting fixtures you choose will also add to the bathroom renovation cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of renovating a small bathroom in South Africa is between R10 000- R13 800.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the best to use for bathroom renovations.

Yes. A plumber must ensure that your bathtub, shower and toilet are aligned and connected
correctly to the pipes.Do a proper research to find the best bathroom contractor to do an excellent service.At Sunrise Home, we provide the plumbing service for your bathroom renovations

On average, you could pay between R2800-R3500 to have a shower installed. However, it is separate from the cost of purchasing the shower door and other attached fixtures.

Yes, extensions are possible if your bedroom is not big enough. The plumber will link up the additional bathroom pipes to your current plumbing system.

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